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Instructors at Gracie Barra and Gracie Barra Champions in Houston, Texas

Mast Carlos Gracie Jr.

Carlos Gracie Jr.

7th Degree Red and Black Belt

Master Carlos Gracie Jr. is a man ahead of his time. Son of Grand Carlos Gracie Sr., he has used his unique visionary skills to create two of the worlds largest and most important Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Organizations: the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) and Gracie Barra. As founder and current Chairman of both institutions,  he has channeled his entrepreneurship to take our sport to the next level allowing thousands of individuals across the five continents to experience the ‘Gentle Art’ as students, instructors, or competitors.


Professor Andre Santosandre

3rd Degree Black Belt

Professor Santos is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and a Certified Gracie Barra Instructor. He has been training and teaching for over 20 years and takes an active approach in teaching his students the foundations of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You will always see Professor on the mats sparring, teaching and drilling techniques with his students to create the best learning environment for the team. Professor Santos has trained with numerous World Class instructors, including spending time as a student of Master Rickson Gracie.


Coach Aaron Pena Coach Aaron Pena

Aaron Pena is our boxing coach at Gracie Barra Champions. His class is a great addition to our striking program. He works very close with our MMA team and can often be seen in the corner during their fights.  As a competitor himself, Coach Pena is a Golden Gloves Boxing champion and has competed in Sanshou Kickboxing. His ability to improve the boxing skills of fighters at a rapid rate makes him a key part of the team.



Coach Kurt ZettlemoyerKURT

Coach Kurt is a brown belt under Professor Andre Santos and has trained in martial arts for over 10 years. He believes that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and martial arts offers a great opportunity for families to stay connected through training together while offering the opportunity for both parents and children to share in the same sport.

Coach Kurt also teaches kickboxing at Gracie Barra Champions and has a background in Sanshou Kickboxing. He believes combing Sanshou’s kick boxing fundamentals with elements of Muay Thai creates a powerful stand up art for both MMA and self defense.

 CEECoach Cee Riley

MMA fighter and champion kick boxer Cee Riley completes our kickboxing team at Gracie Barra Champions. Coach Cee’s vast experience coaching and competing gives the team another valuable asset to learn from and train under. Whether you are an MMA fighter or casual kick boxing student simply trying to improve their stand up skills, Coach Cee’s teaching methods will increase your skill level quickly and effectively.


Coach Pat Bierschwale


Brown Belt

Coach Bierschwale is a Brown belt in BJJ and actively competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing competitions on the National level. Coach Bierschwale is a National Sanshou Kickboxing Champion and also an MMA fighter, holding an amateur MMA record of 4-1 and a professional MMA record of 2-1.

San Shou / Kickboxing
2011 US National Sanshou Champion

Young Guns LSAMMA Middle Weight Champion


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