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Our Kickboxing Program is lead by great instructors who have been training and competing in the martial arts their entire life. These instructors include National Sanshou Kickboxing Champion Pat Bierschwale along with Golden Gloves Boxing Champion Coach Aaron Pena. We offer classes in the morning and at night Monday through Saturday.

Our Kickboxing Program is designed not only for those who are looking to hone their stand-up skills, but to also provide an intense cardio workout. Our classes are designed for everyone who seeks a better physical condition. Our classes at Gracie Barra Champions allows all levels of students to train and reach their technical and physical goals. If you are only a beginner to the sport, come in and try a free class and see for yourself that you can reach your physical fitness goals without being intimidated by entering a new sport.

Whether you’re interested in Kickboxing as a fitness hobby or competition, our Kickboxing team can help you meet your individual goals.

Mixed Martial Arts

Gracie Barra Champions - MMA TrainingGracie Barra Champions is the home of several Professional MMA fighters and also amateurs. All of our fighters are constantly participating in local and international events and are showing great results and a very refined technique each time. If you want to be the best fighter or just in the best shape of your life, come train with the best in Houston at Gracie Barra Champions.


It’s no secret that boxers are among the best conditioned athletes. Strength, stamina, agility, and speed are the hallmarks of a boxer. Their rigorous and disciplined workouts can help you attain your physical goals, too. Whether you want to lose weight, release stress, get in the best shape of your life, or become a more competitive athlete, Gracie Barra Champions has a workout that will challenge your body and mind and put you at the top of your game. Our results-oriented workouts focus on developing a solid core and utilize your own body weight as natural resistance. Traditional boxing equipment is used, such as jump ropes, speed bags, mitts, and heavy bags. Emphasis is placed on shocking the muscles, so workouts are always changing. Workouts burn up to 1,000 calories! No boxing experience is necessary and all levels are welcome. Commitment to working hard is required.

Boxing classes at Gracie Barra Champions are led by Coach Aaron Pena. Coach Pena has a proven track record for producing world-class athletes and champion amateur level competitors. Coach Pena’s students have won multiple Golden Gloves Championships and he has trained and cornered athletes at all levels of professional combat sports, including fighters in the UFC.

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